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Gulf of California

Maco & Blue sharks, mobula rays, whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions ..

  • 2,250 US dollars
  • San Jose airport

Expedition details

There are not many places on the planet with more diverse marine life than the Sea of Cortez. Marine explorer and conservationist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, even called this area "the world's aquarium" and it is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let us guide you on an expedition with mobula rays, whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions, blue, mako, bull, hammerhead sharks and many more. This wonderful 3 destination trip brings surprises with each location. We start in Cabo San Lucas snorkeling and freediving the place where Sea of Cortez and Pacific ocean meets. We will spend the first day on the boat searching for mobula rays and wild dolphins. Next day, we will get to swim with curious blue sharks, fast mako sharks and smooth hammerhead sharks just 35-minute boat ride from the marina. We will then travel to the city of La Paz, where you will be able to swim in a large sea lion colony with playful cubs. Huge whale sharks are passing through this location as well at this time of the year and if lucky you get to swim with them as well. After two days at this location we drive through the desert into a small village called Cabo Pulmo where you get to encounter peaceful bull sharks in the protected marine area and possibly some humpback whales. The stars are unreal in this place at night as there is nearly zero light pollution. On this trip it’s also very likely you get to swim with some pods of dolphins. Your guide for this expedition will be Lucia, the founder of Blue Religion organization, who has more than twelve years of experience in diving. Lucia is travelling the world, chasing the most extraordinary ocean experiences and she is an animal behavior specialist. Lucia will be there for you to share her knowledge and passion for the ocean. By joining our expedition you’ll be helping us achieve our mission to protect, educate and explore the underwater world. Our conservation activities are funded by expeditions like this, and if you join us, you will help us take our vision one step further.

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Klincová, Bratislava, Slovakia

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