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We all have the power to change the future of our oceans. Become a volunteer, learn about the ocean, or experience one of our life-changing expeditions. This is a platform for like-minded people who believe that it is time to give back to the nature. Join us and expand your view of this world. Help us save the BLUE.



Our mission is to protect the underwater world, educate people of all generations and explore the treasures the ocean hides in its depths. Our conservation activities are a top priority for us. We believe that our generation is the generation that has all the knowledge in our hands to make a difference. We want to bring travelers, children, local communities, biologists, researchers, and environmental enthusiasts together to help improve life in harmony with the planet we all live on. 


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Our marine conservation acitvities are funded by expeditions with amazing animal encounters and unique underwater experiences. In Blue Religion, we want to help you encounter the best ocean events happening out there. On each experience, our guides share their knowledge about the animals you encounter, about the ways how to coexist with the marine life and how important it is to help it to survive.  Our mission is to protect, educate and explore the underwater world.


It’s time to give back to the nature. Our conservation activities focus on three main topics: shark conservation, children’s education and pollution.  


It is essential to protect the shark populations in our oceans. Our shark conservation campaign AMOARA is based on cooperation with local shark fishermen in Mexico, offering them an alternative source of income. The core elements of AMOARA campaign are open communication, education, and exchange of information between the local community and our organization.

The education of children is the long-term solution to the problems our oceans are facing, and we believe that storytelling is a great way to engage kids in marine conservation. That’s why we created presentations, games, and stories which we share with kids in schools and children's centers. 

Organizing clean-ups is a great way for spreading awareness about the pollution crisis our planet is facing. At our various events, we focus on spreading the information about the importance of recycling and waste reduction, while making new connections and friendships in between people who care about the future of our planet.

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 In our efforts, we very much rely on the hard work of our volunteers. Join the movement and help us save the BLUE.

Become part of our team


Support our activites by purchasing our products. Blue Religion store was created to help generate profit for our conservation program. 

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The story of Blue Religion began with the story of its founder. Lucia was drawn to nature ever since she was a child and as she started working as a dive professional and spent almost every day in the water in different places on our planet, she started noticing the issues that our oceans face. At that time, Lucia decided to dedicate her life to marine conservation. She started working for different organizations in the field and created her own perspective on the ocean conservancy world. At that time, Blue Religion was born as an organization driven by positivity, a platform where like-minded people can meet, connect and work on the same mission - saving our oceans.


Because we believe it’s time to give back to the ocean. Because we belive that sustainable tourism is the way how to keep exploring the treasures this amazing planet has to offer, without being it a one way road.



All our activities are based on respect for the environment and all life in it.



We always take full responsibility for the results of our activities and campaigns.



We are transparent about our activities financed by our expeditions and donations.



We are committed to informing you regularly and honestly about the results of our activities.



Because we believe it’s time to give back.



We take maximum measures to ensure the safety of our volunteers and clients.

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