Our mission is to protect the underwater world, educate people of all generations and explore the treasures the ocean hides in its depths. Our conservation activities are a top priority for us. We believe that our generation is the generation that has all the knowledge in our hands to make a difference. We want to bring travelers, children, local communities, biologists, researchers, and environmental enthusiasts together to support each other and spread information. Our goal is to help improve life in harmony with the planet we all live on. 


Our volunteers are a huge part of our organisation and we appreciate each one of them. We want to bring the like-minded people together to cooperate on different issues threatening the health of our oceans. Our volunteers focus on three main pillars of our conservation activites: education, pollution solving and shark conservation. We welcome every person who wants to be a part of our organisation.



Our goal is to give back to the local communities. We believe that sustainable tourism is a key to preserving our oceans by motivating the local communities to maintain the shark and wildlife population. They will see more potential income from sustainable tourism rather than unsustainable fishing and shark finning, as tourism will bring more financial opportunities for the local communities. As a part of giving back to the communities, we organise beach-clean ups to raise awareness about the issues such as pollution. We participate in local education programs and collaborate with organisations which are protecting the sharks and whales from illegal actions.

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We believe that the future of our oceans depends on education. Big part of our conservation projects focus on education available to people of different generations. With the help of our education volunteers, we run local education programs for children. We are trying to get kids closer to the ocean, help them build a positive relationship with it and understand the importance of it’s wealth. We are cooperating with local universities and their social programs to gather young like-minded people to help us in spreading our message.

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Every single day around 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into the ocean. We organise beach and land clean-ups to help remove some of the garbage and prevent it from entering the ocean. Our events take place around the world. Our events cover several goals of our organisation: cleaning some of the most beautiful places on Earth from garbage, spreading the information about the importance of recycling and waste reduction and making new connections and friendships in between people who care about the future of our planet.

Our mission is to be active, work hard every single day for a better future for us and our ocean.

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