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Blue Religion diving academy

Welcome to Blue Religion
Diving Academy

Education is essential to make a change. Through education, we are the ones that can help the ocean to thrive and create a way for humans to coexist in harmony with all the marine animals.


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Let's create a new generation of aware divers.

We developed a program for beginning and advanced divers who would like to learn or deepen their knowledge about the ocean ecosystem. Ocean is an amazingly complex structure, where each part is connected to the next. We believe that understanding of this system is a key element to its protection.

Blue Religion divers
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For years, we worked with marine biologists and we added our personal experience to create the certification of The Ocean Explorer. This course contains two parts, theoretical and practical. After absolving the course you will be able to understand the basics of marine biology, you will learn about shark interactions and safety, whale behavior and the different ways of protecting the ocean.

Blue Religion diving academy


with certification

We wish to collaborate with many dive schools around the world where we train instructors to teach our courses. These courses contain practical and academic part. Once you successfully fulfill all the requirements you will receive a Blue Religion certification.

Blue Religion diving certificate
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