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Humpback Whale paradise

Swim with humpback whales and their calves

  • 2,250 US dollars
  • San Jose airport

Expedition details

The islands of Vava’u are very possibly the most photogenic place you will ever have a chance to visit. Deep blue water, empty white-sand beaches, and a deep green rain forests covering the islands. The warm, clear waters surrounding these islands are a safe place for the humpback whales to give birth and raise their calves. These waters are honestly littered with whales. Just 30minutes boat ride from the marina you can start spotting some passing by. There are 3 different whale interactions we can be lucky to encounter. Mother and her calf relaxing close to the surface, heat run of more than 4 males chancing the female and mating rituals. We will spend 7 days trying our best to get us as a close encounter with the whales as possible in a very respectful way to their behavior. ‘ ’My first whale encounter in Vava’u was one of the moments when I got back on the boat with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. The feeling when a 15meter mammal makes eye contact with you and then slowly closes her eyes as a sign of trust with the safety of your presence with her newborn calf is indescribable. Goosebumps all over my body even just thinking about it. This place is also a paradise for photographers, visibility goes forever and the whales get very close to the lenses, as a plus there are few caves around with a perfect light to get some nice freediving shots. ‘’

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Klincová, Bratislava, Slovakia

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