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Tiger Beach

Tiger, Great hammerhead, Lemon, Bull sharks and more..

  • 2,250 US dollars
  • San Jose airport

Expedition details

Tiger beach in the Bahamas is without a doubt the best place to encounter huge sharks safely and up close. Tiger sharks, great hammerheads, bull sharks, lemon sharks and more on a liveaboard expedition with an unlimited number of dives. You do not need to be a professional shark diver to dive here with us. We do unlimited diving from the morning until the evening, which can start from the moment we arrive on Tiger Beach. There is always someone from our team underwater who will assist you in your interactions with the sharks and take care of your safety. Tiger and Great Hammerhead sharks are, of course, the main attraction of Tiger beach, but sometimes you can see more than 5 species of sharks in one direction view. That’s what we call a perfect opportunity for incredible photos. Our expeditions are prepared so that you can understand these majestic creatures. That’s why we will provide you with as much information as possible about their behavior, their body language and, last but not least, their indispensability to our oceans. We have been working on shark conservation for 7 years now and our goal is to raise awareness about their beauty and the ways in which we can coexist with them. We, humans, present the biggest threat to sharks, but a healthy ocean cannot exist without them and we cannot live without the oceans. Our conservation activities are funded by expeditions like this, and if you join us, you will help us take our vision one step further. „Even a bad dive on Tiger beach is one of the best dives of your life! There is nothing like a feeling when a 6 meter great hammerhead shark is passing just next to you or a tiger shark coming to check you out from up close. Learning more and more about the behavior of this species is making our encounters better every time we jump in the water.“

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Klincová, Bratislava, Slovakia

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