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BAJA: Ocean Safari: Whales, sharks, sealions, dolphins 

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BAJA CALIFORNIA IS ONE OF THE PLACES WITH THE MOST DIVERSE MARINE LIFE ON THE PLANET. Snorkel with whale sharks, blue and mako sharks, swim with dolphins, sea lions and enjoy encounters with humpback whales and their calves.


Baja California

8 days

2450 $

Available date:

DECEMBER 11 - 18      2024   

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About this Trip

About this trip
  • Guests: max 6 people

  • Duration: 8 days

  • Boat: day trips on comfortable small private speed boats

  • Number of full days in the water: 5 days on private speed boat + 1/2 day kayaking

  • Food: breakfast every day + snacks during the boat days included

  • Conditions: outside temperature: 25°C, water temperature: 16-22°C

  • Skill requirement: good swimming skills

  • Pick up location: SJD (San Jose del Cabo) airport / La Paz (LAP) airport

  • Accommodation: Higher standard hotels (4*) in La Paz. Rooms for 2 people. Single room available upon request.

Price includes:

  • Airport transfers

  • 7 nights of accommodation with breakfast

  • 5 days (6 hours every day) of ocean safari

  • 1/2 day of kayaking in Balandra Bay

  • Professional guides for the entire expedition who will share with information about the animals, their behaviour and their importance for the ecosystem

  • Snorkeling equipment

  • All transfers during the expedition

  • Album of professional underwater photos of you and your interactions with the animals

Expedition Highlights

Wildlife Highlights
  • Travel to three destinations in Baja California rich in encounters with the ocean's big animals 

  • Swimming with blue and mako sharks  

  • Snorkeling with whale sharks

  • Swimming with wild dolphins

  • Snorkeling in a large colony of sea lions, meeting their curious pups 

  • Encounters with different species of whales and their calves

  • Listening to whale songs

  • Observing a variety of bird species

  • Information about the ocean and animal behaviour from professional expedition guides

  • Kayaking in the beautiful Balandra bay

  • Driving trhough desert full of huge cacti



Day 1:
La Paz - Meeting, briefing, and accommodation
We will pick you up at the selected airport and take you to your hotel in La Paz. In the afternoon/evening, we will go over information about the interactions that await you in the following days. The expedition will begin the following morning.

  • Accommodation: hotel, La Paz

Day 2

La Paz - Whale sharks and ocean safari 

This day will be spent on a boat taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Baja California coastline. In the morning, we will hop on a private comfortable boat and head out in search of whale sharks. These magnificent animals are one of three species of filter-feeding sharks. This means that despite their size, these giants feed on tiny plankton and fish eggs. Whale sharks can reach lengths of around 12 metres, making them the largest fish in the world. Snorkelling with these majestic creatures is a truly unforgettable experience. We will enjoy lunch on a white sandy beach in a beautiful blue lagoon and spend the rest of our time on the boat looking for dolphins, sea lions and other animals to swim with. 

  • Accommodation: hotel, La Paz


Day 3

Cabo Pulmo - Whales 

On this day we will head to the Cabo Pulmo Nature Reserve. Cabo Pulmo is a small coastal town on the east coast of Baja California and is one of the most beautiful examples of the successful transformation of a rustic fishing village into a sustainable tourism destination. Cabo Pulmo is a so-called Hope spot - a place of hope - where animals can breed and stay without danger. Since 1995, when it began to be protected, the number of living organisms has increased by a staggering 420%. This season we can expect to encounter harbour porpoises, humpback whales, dolphins and huge tornadoes of fish from which several famous photographs have been taken here. Cabo Pulmo is clear proof that ocean conservation makes sense, and you can look forward to seeing what the ocean can look like when treated with respect - stunning and full of life.

  • Accommodation: hotel, La Paz


Day 4 

La Paz - Sea lion colony 

This day we will visit Los Islotes: the largest and friendliest sea lion colony in Baja California. Here, sea lions haul out on the island and play in the waters around it. The female sea lions are usually there to watch us curiously, letting us scratch and pet them, and their young ones explore us, coming in to play and show us what they can do underwater. After lunch we take every opportunity to further encounter dolphins, humpback whales and other marine life in the area.

  •  Accommodation: hotel, La Paz

Day 5
La Paz - Balandra
After intense experiences in the past few days, today we'll visit the Balandra Bay, which houses one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. The Balandra Bay area is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and its shallow turquoise crystal-clear water is surrounded by dusty pink mountains, offering a beautiful view of the Baja California coast. We'll explore this beautiful rugged beach on kayaks.
• Accommodation: hotel, La Paz

Day 6 

Cabo san Lucas - Sharks 

In the morning we will leave the harbour, find the best place to meet the sharks and start attracting them to our boat. Sometimes it can take 20 minutes for the sharks to arrive, other times we have to wait longer. While waiting, we can watch whales and big fish like wahoo. Once the sharks arrive, we jump into the water. Two professional guides specializing in shark behavior will be in the water with you at all times. The species we are most likely to encounter are blue sharks and possibly mako sharks. The most likely species we'll encounter are the mako shark and the blue shark. The mako shark is the fastest shark on our planet and can be recognized by its smooth torpedo-shaped body and very strong muscles attached to its massive tail. Blue sharks are interesting open-ocean predators with a beautiful dark blue back and bright blue sides. It's not uncommon for both of these sharks to approach the boat at the same time, and you'll be able to observe their fascinating behavior and dynamics between them.

  • Accommodation: hotel, La Paz

Day 7

La Paz - Ocean safari

We'll spend our last day on the ship exploring the Gulf of California, looking for every opportunity to encounter animals that migrate or live here. In the channel heading towards Los Islotes we will look for different species of whales such as humpback whales, bowhead whales, sei whales and more.  As a farewell to beautiful Baja California, we may also be lucky enough to encounter huge pods of dolphins and rays, sea lions, sea turtles, manta rays or whale sharks. The explorer Jacques Cousteau called these waters the world's aquarium for nothing.

  • Accommodation: hotel, La Paz

Day 8

End of the expedition

Transfer to the airport or to your next accommodation in this area.




What to look forward to?

On this expedition, we will enjoy the incredible diversity of marine life in the waters of the Gulf of California and the open Pacific on private boats for our small group. Your guides for this expedition will be professional animal behavior experts with 9 years of experience. 


The base for our expedition will be La Paz, a beautiful city located on the coast of the Gulf of California. From here we will travel to different locations for various wildlife encounters. We will gradually venture into the waters around La Paz, Cabo San Lucas and the remote village of Cabo Pulmo. These places are incredibly rich in diverse marine life, with which we will seek close encounters. All interactions with the animals are based on respect for them and our guides will explain everything about their behavior and body language. Before jumping into the water, we always make sure that the animals do not mind our close presence. 


We start the expedition by swimming with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world, which can reach up to twelve meters in size. Despite their impressive size, these sharks feed on filter feeding. and their food source is plankton. Swimming with them is a peaceful and unforgettable experience. We'll also head to Espiritu Santo, about an hour's boat ride overlooking the stunning, untamed rocky coastline of Baja California. At Espiritu Santo, you'll be able to swim in the largest and friendliest sea lion colony in the Sea of Cortez and snorkel with their playful pups. 


We'll head to Cabo San Lucas for shark encounters. November is ideal for interactions with curious blue sharks and perhaps even the speedy mako sharks. You'll be able to swim with these fascinating apex predators of our oceans. During this unforgettable experience, two experienced professional guides with specialized expertise and many years of experience with sharks will be in the water with you to ensure your safety and comfort in the water. The guides will also share with you valuable information and their knowledge of shark behavior and their importance to the health of our oceans.


We will travel to Cabo Pulmo in search of whales and you can look forward to encountering humpback whales and their calves, listening to whale songs, fin whales, dolphins and more. Cabo Pulmo is a shining example of a successful project to transform a fishing village into a sustainable tourism destination, and we'll show you what the ocean could look like without overfishing. 


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